Educational Publishers

Digital Publishing is the future.

Excelsoft renders services to publishers for the entire digital publishing process. Our easy to use tools allow the publisher to plan, create, design, and publish a rich multi media content. You can use our tools, or we can do the work for you.  We offer a host of services for all the steps of the publishing process such as:

Portal Management System | Course Management System | Subscription Management System | E-commerce System | Student Enrolment and Management System | Learning Content Management System | Test and Assessment System | Community Tools | Gradebook | Reporting System

Our services are cost effective and of proven quality.  We provide a wide range of services to the publishing industry. They are:

Educational Publishing | Development Editing | Design | Rights and Permissions | Copyediting and Indexing | Proofreading | Project Management | Typesetting |XML & Conversion | Artwork/Graphic Design | Editorial Services | Composition & Typesetting Services | Portal & Apps | eBook & Content Security | eBook Reader & Store Apps | Custom Application Development | Responsive Web Design