Open Source

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With the growing popularity and support for open source applications, Excelsoft has a dedicated team focused on open source competency and solution development. The team is capable of providing consulting, implementation and customization using Open Source technologies/standards. Excelsoft has also developed custom learning solutions which are based on open standards like SCORM, IMS content packaging, QTI and Common Cartridge. A description of our services:

  • Content Conversion Services: Excelsoft offers a web based content conversion and packaging solution which is based on open standards like SCORM, QTI and Common Cartridge. It allows inter-conversion of content between various formats and standards. We also have expertise on open source content authoring solutions like eXE and Reload. 
  • Cloud computing: Right from the onset of Cloud computing, Excelsoft is involved in developing and hosting applications on the cloud. Our cloud based services include:

Google App Engine:

  • Developing applications using the Google App Engine SDK in Python as well as Java.
  • Customizations
  • Third party integrations (Drupal, DimDim web conferencing, Open ID authentications etc.)
  • Hosting and managing applications on the Google App Engine platform.
  • Optimizing applications for performance on the Google Cloud environment.

Amazon Cloud Computing:

  • Consulting and tech. support around various cloud offering from Amazon including Amazon EC2, S3, Cloud front, Simple DB etc.
  • Setup, configuration and management of Amazon machine instances (Windows and Linux) and applications over the Amazon cloud environment.
  • Optimizing applications for performance on the Amazon Cloud environment.
  • Custom Application Development: Excelsoft has built a strong competency around various open source technologies to develop custom learning solutions. We have successfully developed applications using LAMP, Java, Python, and other mainstream open-source platforms. With our extensive domain expertise around e-Learning and an in-depth technology expertise, we can quickly and efficiently deliver custom learning applications based on your requirements.