We have a great relationship with Excelsoft which has enabled us widening our horizon and service offerings to our customer. We have always found their services competitive and solutions innovative supported with a strong people team. We look forward to further harvest and cultivate from this relationship.
Leading consulting Company, Italy
The service provided by SARAS team at Excelsoft is commendable. They have always been there to help us with everything we needed on the LMS. They have never said a NO to anything & have always found a solution for us. Their timely support has helped us increase the popularity of LMS within the organization by many folds in 2011. I wish them the best & hope that we continue to partner on various other online learning initiatives in times to come.
Deputy General Manager- Business Training
Leading solution provider to Government
I have been working with Excelsoft to deliver an interactive eBook for one of our leading textbooks in the field of Strategy Management for the past few months and have been involved with them for a while longer scoping out our requirements. I have to say that I have found them to be one of the better vendors/partners that I have dealt with over the past few years and we are very happy with the product that they have been able to deliver for us. The process has been helped as we have often only needed to communicate with one or two key individuals who seemed to understand quickly the demands of the market in which we operate. Responses to questions and requests for changes to the project as it has progressed have been dealt with quickly and efficiently and they have made every effort to work with us and not against us. Admittedly this has been the first ‘pilot’ project, but I think the success of this project has meant that we hope to be engaging with Excelsoft on other projects in the not too distant future and I have been able to recommend them to colleagues in other divisions of our business.
Digital Publishing Editor, Higher Education
Leading Publisher in UK
The core of the Newsmaker product is the Newsroom - a Flash application enabling students to lay out newspaper pages, populating them with articles and photos. The application that Excelsoft has developed is well designed and intuitive, even for primary-aged students. When we conducted our own code reviews, we found that the Excelsoft developers had fully complied with the technical specifications, that we had provided at the outset and that the application was very well coded using Actionscript 3. The Flash application needed to allow for complex database interactions. Multiple students work collaboratively on each newspaper project, so the Flash needs to pass information back and forth with the database, on who has contributed which elements in which position. Teachers can upload text and image-based resources when setting up projects. These are then pulled into the Flash, when students begin work. Excelsoft analyzed the complexity of these requirements in a detailed way and then implemented the agreed specification very effectively.
Digital Director
Leading UK Newspaper
We have been able to establish excellent working relationships with the team at Excelsoft. Working closely with members of the IMS QTI project team, Excelsoft has been able to produce a system which is second to none in its adherence to this specification – vital for any organisation wishing to produce future-proof banks of questions. The positive experience of working with Excelsoft on TOIA means that I will seriously consider them for future software or learning content development initiatives.
Head of eLearning
Leading University in Scotland
We have worked with Excelsoft for two years, and have been entirely delighted with the relationship as it has evolved, to the extent that we now aim to place all our principal external software commissions with Excelsoft. This is not least because the company specializes in developing software for educational purposes. Excelsoft has developed a bespoke Content Management and Syndication System for us, which is now being upgraded to version 2. We have also placed numerous contracts with Excelsoft to develop bespoke web applications, sites, and most recently a custom-designed Customer Relationship Management system. Excelsoft's staffs have always been highly responsive to our needs, all documentation has been reliable, projects well managed, and our personal relationships have been well nurtured and maintained. We would strongly recommend Excelsoft as a business partner.
Managing Director
Premier educational content provider
We are delighted to be working with the team at Excelsoft. A relationship which started as plain and simple sub-contracting has over 6-9 months evolved into what feels now like a mutually beneficial partnership. Through their great attention to detail combined with good intuition and high skill levels, Excelsoft programmers are helping us to create the Flash animations which will be at the heart of our Maths tutoring products. We have found Excelsoft staff to be exceptionally personable, easy to communicate with, and very patient with our change requests. They are thorough and prompt with the work we commission and when responding to queries. We especially appreciate the helpful suggestions they volunteer about our product design and data structure.

Perhaps the key point is that Excelsoft has clearly demonstrated that they now think alongside us, they understand what we are trying to achieve, and this makes for a smooth and highly productive partnership.
Leading provider of online Math tutor
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Excelsoft in the past year or so and we launched the Pegasus project, a state of the art online assessment product, based on the SARAS AMS product. This is very ambitious project, substantial expanding in the capabilities of SARAS AMS, and very well tailored to the US publication market. In a very short order, we’ve built together a large development team. In my mind they have worked unbelievably successfully, be it technical, be it product management in North America. We set very ambitious goals for ourselves, a year ago, not only in the terms of the capabilities to add to Pegasus but also in the terms of schedule in the budget and we admit those causes and that is a remarkable feat for a new team in the course for a new partnership. In due consideration of this partnership, Pegasus is our largest and technically most ambitious project.

It is a corner stone of a strategy we call “Content Plus” which refers to adding very sophisticated assessment building capabilities to our content. And here in Pegasus it’s just a start of a very long and hopefully successful partnership with Excelsoft, our relation is already expanding to the Indian higher education marketplace. In the past year I enjoyed getting to know the people at Excelsoft. I’ve been continuously impressed by their honesty, their forthrightness and their diligence in making sure that they understand our perspective and our needs. I see many great opportunities ahead for your company, but also specially for a partnership and I’m personally committed to making sure that partnership is a long and successful one. Congratulations and I really appreciate our work together, thank you.
Senior Vice President
Largest Publisher in the World
My first acquaintance with Excelsoft was in the product called SARAS, which we have now licensed to roll out in various countries of Europe, where we are active, stems from late 2004. At that moment, our UK company there was the Testing & Assessment service being set up for the UK market. Testing & Assessment being a very important product for the United Kingdom. A company from India was active as was said and was delivering software of superior capability and in the workshop that followed I slowly got acquitted with the product SARAS that Excelsoft delivers. We were all quite impressed by the superb quality of the product and the superb capabilities it offered to the market. It had a fast range of functionalities which we had not encountered in the market before. We had been looking at various products which we need to tailor very much to meet our demands. So this was my first acquaintance which started over 2004. In the beginning of 2005 we studied a product for delivering in the other European countries; especially our Netherlands publisher was interested to roll out the Learning Management System from SARAS whereas our company decided to roll out the Assessment Management part.

In the spring of 2005, this led to us building up a serious relationship, we had many workshops, many acquaintances with, and many interactions between your staff and ours began to take off. And so in 2005 I also got the chance to first meet your people locally and visit your beautiful country. To me this quite a challenging time, building up relationship with a supplier far away. I’ve done this in the past but not as intensively as we are doing now. Striking a contract of software and software building is not particularly easy, as you have to overcome a lot of differences between the qualities in Europe and in India. It proved that with Excelsoft we could overcome these fairly easily, because the product was well developed and was far enough developed for us so that we could easily adopt it and adapt it to our markets.

The first product that really held major adaptation of SARAS kit was the school-wise product which was built on the LMS. And for your information now, thousands of children in the Netherlands do daily testing material on the SARAS product called the School-Wise. It was perceived in the Dutch market, as a breakthrough and there were articles in the Dutch papers, as well as there were interviews on the radio, where people stated that finally a publisher helped the teachers by making the tests and assessments very easy. So in that sense we have an innovative and challenging product in the market to offer to our schools. For the future we look at building a stronger and more enhanced relationship with Excelsoft.

We have now a challenging concept of building the eLearning framework for 2007 & 2008. This will enable all our countries to use the power of SARAS in their local markets. We are looking at building skins or manifestations on top of the tool kit of joint functionalities. This functionality will hold all the functional needs that we require for the future markets. We are very confident that with the SARAS product and the capabilities that your company offers, we are able to build an extended functionality to our needs. I’m personally also very happy with the interactions I’ve had with various people in your company. Which has also helped me being responsible for the total strategy of the technology within our Education, to reform or rephrase some of my strategic choices in IT. I’m very grateful for the co-operation that we have had for the past one and a half year, which really broadened my scope as well. The eLearning framework and the other possibilities which Excelsoft offers, for us it means a very powerful and important extension of our portfolio of products. Alongside eLearning framework we are considering to use Excelsoft’s capabilities to help us out on graphic productions and flash animations. Impressive qualities delivered since first tests and we are looking to extend that. We are hoping to incorporate Excelsoft as a seamless partner in our rigid workflow systems which is building up in 2007. And in that sense they more becoming partner than just a supplier. I’d like to conclude with some personal remarks. I must say that the past one and a half years for me personally have been very challenging. Why, because it enabled me to travel far to India, to get know your country and your culture a bit better than I have before. I must say, I was impressed with the Indian culture and what it brought. Your country holds a lot of differences that we do not know and I’ve learnt to admire and respect. I must say working together like this between the staff is also a contribution of bringing people together. And contributing to the global economy which hopefully will benefit us all. I’m especially thankful for the relationship; I’ve been able to build up with your CEO, Mr. Sudhanva. He’s helped me greatly for developing my IT strategy and together we spent many hours trying to push forward a fruitful co-operation between our two companies. And I do hope to see you all soon, back in India at Excelsoft. And I also do hope that for us and for you we will have a very beneficial and fruitful co-operation for the years to come.
Technology Officer
Leading publisher
SARAS has proven very useful for us. With an expected 120% RoI, we are sure of getting back our investment on SARAS in less than a year
Group Manager Education & Research
India's 2nd largest IT company
In eLearning, finding the right partner has never been an easy task. Many claim they know the industry, yet very few truly understand how to combine technical expertise with pedagogical concepts. Excelsoft is one those few we’ve had the pleasure to encounter and work with. Successful results generated have driven us to consider Excelsoft as a key long term Vendor. The quality of work, dedication and the ability to deliver under pressure has made Excelsoft an asset to our projects.

It is a pleasure to deal with the people at Excelsoft as they all regard their partners as teammates and act as such. When we work with the people of Excelsoft we feel like we’re actually working with people from our own team. And that helps to build a strong relationship and an effective foundation for success.
Leading e-Learning company
Middle East
Excelsoft had designed, developed and completed the project in an exemplary manner. Advanced features were implemented and interfaced elegantly with a perceptive look and feel. The firm has developed the application well beyond the expectations of our department by integrating design concepts in keeping with the emerging technology trends and standards. Overwhelmed with their performance, this department has entrusted them with other projects.
Director (IT)
Department of Administrative Reforms, Govt. of India